What are the dates for short-term trips with ENGAGE THE ISLANDS?
There are 4 two-week windows in which short-term trips can participate with ENGAGE THE ISLANDS: 

  • June 3-16 
  • June 17-30 
  • July 1-14 
  • July 15-28 

** Important Note: These are the days you will be on-site, NOT the days you will be travelling. The first date of the above is a Sunday, and the second is a Saturday. So, you will likely leave the US on a Friday to arrive on Sunday, and will likely arrive home Sunday, the day after you leave.  

How much does it cost?
Expect costs to be around $3000; your final budget will be given to you by your team leader after you are accepted to the team. This will cover all expenses for your entire trip. You are welcome to give to your own account to cover your expenses (or to someone else on your team); as most people will not have the money to pay in full on their own, they will raise support through the donations of others.  

How do I apply? 
Your local church/team leader will have the information for you to start the process of joining your team.  
*If you are interested in joining a short-term trip, connect with the pastoral staff at your local church to see if your church is participating. 
**If you are a church staff/leader interested in organizing a trip with ENGAGE THE ISLANDS, email Mike O’Quin today at mike-oquin@aminternational.org 

How is ENGAGE THE ISLANDS structured?   
ENGAGE THE ISLANDS is a program that combines summer interns and short-term trips to work together in one nation across 16 cities. Each base will have a leadership team and summer intern staff totaling about 25 people. These summer interns will be responsible for working with local ministry partners to reach out to the lost and to help facilitate short-term trips. Over the course of the summer, scores of short-term trips from a variety of denominations, cities and nations will work at each of these base cities to see the name of Jesus glorified!   

What is the schedule of the trip? 
Arrival (first Sunday – first Tuesday):  

Teams will arrive and head to our HQ Training Base for ~36 hours, which will be a local hotel where most teams will stay. After teams check in and get settled, we will gather for dinner and a time of vision, prayer and worship to kick things off. On the first Monday, we will do training that covers values, expectations and church planting. Additionally, we will have times of corporate prayer and worship. There will be workers and teams from all over the world which we believe will create a culture of faith, hope and boldness that comes as the Church joins together in purpose and mission. On the first Tuesday, teams will head to the airport and deploy to their base. 

Mission (~10 Days – first Tuesday to the second Thursday) 

Teams arrive to their assigned city, where Summer Interns meet them and take them to their base location. After getting settled in to their hotel, the team will meet both summer interns as well as translators, and hear a bit more about what to expect in their daily schedule. Ministry will primarily consist of partnering with locals to share the Gospel and look for Spirit-prepared People of Peace in the base city and surrounding areas. A typical day would look like the following: 

  • Wake up and spend time with Jesus 
  • Breakfast 
  • Connect with team and process trip 
  • Team Training (vision, prayer/worship and equipping) 
  • Lunch 
  • Afternoon outreach 
  • Dinner 
  • Outreach and follow up   

Debrief (Second Thursday – Second Saturday) 

Teams will fly back to the HQ Training Base on the second Thursday of their trip to debrief. This includes processing as individuals and gathering corporately for worship, encouragement and processing together all the amazing things God has done in and through our teams. Our hope is for everyone to have an understanding of all God did, vision for how they can go back to their home city and community and begin making disciples. Friday night we will wrap up, and Saturday teams will fly out. 

What will I do on my trip? 
The primary vision for your trip is that you will get to be a part of world evangelization and fulfilling the Great Commission. Our hope is that you will be equipped in the basics of making disciples – how to engage the lost, simple tools for evangelism, and helping people encounter Jesus through the Word. Day by day, you will live out the book of Acts – seeking Jesus with your community through prayer, worship and encountering Jesus, and then going out to share that love with those that have never heard. While you may have different platforms to host interactions, (i.e. English clubs, sports ministry and praying for the sick) every interaction will be aimed at finding people that are spiritually hungry.   

What should I expect/not expect? 
We find that when it comes to setting you up for a great trip (or potentially derailing it), few things are as critical as rightly placed expectations. While we can’t give you an exhaustive list, here are some things to be aware of.  


  • To share the Gospel with those that have never heard the story of Jesus
  • To only be able to bring carry-on luggage (NO checked bags) 
  • To have VERY limited access to social media 
  • To have a 1 hour devotional/quiet time with Jesus (Reading the Bible, Worship, Prayer, Journaling) every day 
  • To have a very scheduled and busy 2 weeks—there won’t be much down time/alone time 
  • To be in a culture very different from your own; this will require you to let go of some of your preferences, creature comforts and conveniences. Additionally, you will have to take on the attitude of a ‘’learner’’ and be adaptable.  
  • To abstain from all alcohol and tobacco 
  • To follow the direction of leadership (ETI Staff, Base Staff, your short-term trip leader) 
  • You should NOT expect to be the “hero”. If there is a hero, its Jesus. Our role as a foreigner is not to come ‘’save the day’’ but rather to humbly share our lives, listen to the people in front of us and love them according to the example of the Word. This means praying for them, engaging them with the Gospel, and, as able, to look for opportunities to serve them.  


Who will lead my trip? 
There will be a combination of leaders involved to make your trip a win! On the front and back end of your trip, ENGAGE THE ISLANDS staff will host you at our training base; on arrival, we will set you up for the adventure of a life-time. At the end, we will walk you through a process of off-boarding and debrief before you head back to your city to see it transformed.  

While you are at your base, your team leadership will work in concert with our base staff to ensure an incredible time of encountering Jesus and sharing Him with those you meet. Our base staff will be responsible for helping facilitate team trainings, ministry and logistics so that your team leadership will be able to walk more intentionally with each team member.  

Will I work with local believers on my trip? 
Yes! Each base will work in lock-step with a number of local believers. Each base will have translators, many of whom will be believers. There will also be locals on-site that are specifically focused on follow up with people who are interested in following Jesus. Additionally, we will be partnering with local churches to most effectively minister. You will have an amazing opportunity to both invest in the local church as well as be impacted in seeing the faith of those you work with! 

Will locals speak English? 
Yes and no. Your base city will be in a large city (i.e. not a village), which increases the likelihood that people will speak English. That said, sometimes English speakers can seem hard to find. So, to ensure that you have opportunities to engage the lost, you will work with translators.  

Where will my base city be located? 
As mentioned above, we will have 16 bases across the islands. Depending on availability, ETI staff will assign each trip to one of these bases. Your team leader will be notified about your location.  

What happens at my base city after I leave? 
Over the course of the summer- as locals begin the journey of walking with Jesus—they will be networked with long-term church planters and local ministry partners to continue learning how to be a disciple. While some of these locals may later decide to not follow Jesus despite some initial enthusiasm, we believe that we will find ‘’Fourth Soil People” as described by Jesus in the Parable of the Sower (Mark 4) that live incredibly fruitful Kingdom lives. These are the people we believe will ultimately catalyze streams of disciple-making and church-planting movements! Your role is to continue to stay involved through intentional prayer for both the long-term church planters and for these young believers.  

Can couples and families with children participate? 
Yes! We encourage couples and families with kids to prayerfully consider joining a trip. We realize that it is a step of faith to take children overseas, but we believe that this is one of the best things parents can give kids—a chance to be a part of the global Church and Great Commission. Moreover, kids aren’t just tagging along, but will bring something unique to their team and base that otherwise would be missing. However, please keep in mind that these trips are primarily geared towards young adults and you may not be able to take part of all that your team is doing in order to care for your children. Contact your team leader to process what it could look for your family to go.  (Per diem adjustment is negligible for children under the age of two. We recommend adding 50% of adult per diem for each child ages 2-11. Children age 12 and above will be considered an adult for fund-raising purposes.)

Is it required that I’ve been on a short-term trip before coming to ENGAGE THE ISLANDS?
No! If you have never been on a short-term trip, we would love this to be your first.  

How old do you have to be to go on a short-term trip with ENGAGE THE ISLANDS?
There is no age requirement to join a short-term trip with ENGAGE THE ISLANDS. 

What kind of training will be given?
As previously mentioned, all short-term trips will participate in a training on the front and back end of your trip at our HQ Training Base. Additionally, you will receive on-going training once you arrive at your base. Your training will cover a variety of topics including the basics of outreach, sharing your testimony, how to engage with the lost and team building.  

What is the best way to prepare for my short-term trip with ENGAGE THE ISLANDS?
We encourage you to start doing what you will be doing on your trip now. You can do this by spending time with Jesus in the morning, praying for the lost, being active in your community, serving at your local church, sharing the story of the Gospel and investing in people that want to learn about following Jesus. Building these rhythms in your life now will only increase the level of impact on your life and your effectiveness during your trip.  

What will I do from the time I am accepted until deployment?
Your primary responsibilities will include but are not limited to: 

  • Support raising*
  • Filling out required documents in a timely manner
  • Pre-field training assignments
  • Attending team meetings
  • Other tasks as directed by your team leader/administrator

*ETI will provide your team resources to equip you in how to effectively support raise. Ultimately, we trust the Lord to provide; that said, our faithfulness allows us to partner with the Holy Spirit to see all our needs taken care of!  

What if my parents have concerns?
This is often the most delicate and vulnerable part of moving forward as part of short term trip. We encourage you to include your parents in the decision process of your summer plans. Rather than ‘’reporting’’ to them what you are planning on doing, invite them to pray with you about the decision as you start to apply. Listen to their input—they love you and want the best for you! 

We are exhorted by the Word to “honor our father and mother” (Exodus 20:12 ; Ephesians 6:2), and so this isn’t just our admonition to applicants but a command for us to follow. As a rule of thumb, if your parents are still paying your bills (tuition, rent, food, cell phone, car, insurance, etc.) then they have the right to make decisions in your life. So, honor your parents and include them in this decision with you. 

If your parents have questions and concerns, please feel free to have them email us directly at eti@aminternational.org. Please make sure they include your name and your local church in the body of their email. 

We, at ENGAGE THE ISLANDS, take the responsibility and care of our participants very seriously.  

The reality is the world can be an unsafe place.  However, that truth is not limited to overseas travel. While we cannot make guarentees, safety and security is a top priority for our program and our staff works hard to set up the necessary protocols to minimize risk for all participants.  

Our Leadership Team and staff monitors safety concerns and issues in Southeast Asia, including organized protests, political uprisings, medical alerts and natural disasters. We maintain active communication with our international contacts and our set protocols include changing locations if we believe the risk level in an area is not appropriate for our participants.   

What’s the difference between an ENGAGE THE ISLANDS shortterm trips and the ENGAGE THE ISLANDS summer internships? 
The ETI Summer Internship lasts from mid-May to early August, and focuses on doing outreach and hosting/facilitating short-term trips. As you can imagine, interns are able to more fully integrate as a team and into the culture since they are on the ground longer than our two-week trips. ETI short-term trips are crucial for the Gospel going forth broadly, and our interns provide a lot of the structure to ensure a seamless process. While ETI short-term trips can focus on doing ministry, ETI Summer Interns are also very involved in the behind-the-scenes work that makes every trip a success. In addition to a much longer time commitment, summer internships will cost roughly twice the amount per person going on a short-term trip. Also, we ask that ETI Summer Interns have completed high school and (though not required) recommend them having participated on at least one short-term trip with Antioch; ETI short-term trips have no age or experience requirements. 

How do I know which one is for me? 
If you meet our requirements (completed high school and, ideally, have been on a short-term trip with Antioch), are available for the entire summer and willing to raise the support necessary, we would challenge you to prayerfully consider applying to join us for a summer internship. If are not able to participate for the entire summer, we would love for you to be involved through an ETI short-term trip! For more information about our summer internship program, click here.

For Senior Pastors ONLY: 
Pastor Jimmy Seibert is extending a special invitation for senior pastors to come and do a vision trip with him and his wife, Laura. The dates for the trip are June 3-16 and June 17-30. If you are interested in learning more, email us at eti@aminternational.org 

Have any questions?

Feel free to drop us a message!

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